What we do…

We operate a Centre offering the following ePAL Kids programmes for children from ages 3 onwards:

  • Childhood development based on Montessori Methods
  • English for children from our award winning Victoria Readers  and global PINGU’s English  from United Kingdom
  • Structured Mandarin Chinese 
  • Bahasa (Malay) based on Malaysian education curriculum
  • Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) workshops

The programmes are delivered by our team of experienced, dedicated and trained tutors.   

It is a real blessing for the child that comes our way as ePAL Kids programmes provide that unique environment for accelerated learning and it is fun.

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Pingu’s english

It’s effective, rewarding and fun learning to speak and read in English.  A global network of schools for kids, aged 3 to 8+, to discover English.  The programme combines language with life skills teaching and is centred around the loveable kids’ TV character PINGU.

Victoria readers

An award winning programme, teaching kids to read and spell in the shortest time.  It is proven that they will achieve reading fluency and comprehension at the end of the programme.  A blessing to every child who comes our way!


Mandarin and Bahasa (Malay) language programmes prepare kids with the fluency to communicate confidently in a multilingual environment – indeed a useful skill to have in today’s world in expanding the kids’ scope and reach, here and in the region if not the world.

Our workshops help kids learn and get interested  in areas of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics).   It helps build understanding on concepts and applications – creative thinking and problem solving skills that are needed in the 21st century.

ePAL Kids Media

Pizza Making
Field trip to Pizza Hut

Wow, I can now make any pizza I like!  I bake it and it tastes great!

Lantern Making
Ready to walk the streets!

Perhaps, I can make a different and better one the next time?

Dinosaur Habitat
Living in the dinosaur world

We made some species of dinosaurs and created their world with volcanos and big trees!

Joint concert
Speech and dances

At last I can show my dance steps from the many hours of training by my dance teacher.

Craft making
Workshop on making cute ladybirds

See! My giant ladybird!

Model making with Lego or Fischer Technik 
Assembling and disassembling mechanical models

I can read plans and make my own models to solve problems.

Jigsaw puzzles
Solving puzzles together. 

This piece is for you and that for me?

Kolam making for Diwali festival
Making a drawing with  coloured rice flour

Phew!  Thanks to the team we completed in no time!