Helping Your Child Develop and Grow

A blessing to every child that comes our way

At our ePAL Kids Centre, we are committed to helping your child succeed in life through childhood development programmes and fluency in the key languages of knowledge and communication.  We have proven programmes and tutoring services to nurture and build the foundation for child’s success.

Through the years, many kids have gone successfully through our ePAL Kids programmes.   We have committed tutors with a total of over 40 years’ experience in childhood development and guiding kids in learning and attain fluency in the three languages (English, Mandarin and Bahasa) – providing the foundation and opening up opportunities in their personal, social and business or working lives. 

We know that “words have power”, so having key language fluency is critical to success – empowering kids to communicate ideas well with the people and community that they interact with in their lives.   To achieve this, we have carefully partnered with the best in the field for the age group with proven programmes; PINGU’s English and Victoria Readers

Our childhood development programmes use the proven approach as propagated by Maria Montessori.  We qualified and experienced tutors to guide the child at the Centre.   We all know the importance of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics) skills for the 21st century and as part of ePAL Kids programmes, we have offered fun and engaging STEAM workshops that promotes technology literacy, creative thinking and problem solving skills which build understanding and confidence in the area.